It’s no secret that I have a passion – some would call it an obsession – for live entertainment events, attractions and theme parks. It’s the one of many industries that I love to my core (food being a close second) and it’s an industry I know so well. Thanks to my entertainment loving parents, I’ve visited fairs, theme parks and attractions all over Europe and the United States. It’s crazy to think my life has come full circle. I’ve hit eight years in the PR industry and I’m doing exactly what I love — live entertainment and attractions PR.

I’ve had many historic career milestones such as launching Ringling Bros. first female Ringmaster in 146 years, announcing the historic closing of Ringling Bros., opened three major Florida attractions, launched several live entertainment shows for Disney, Feld Entertainment and NBC Universal and much, much more.

While on this exciting journey, I have four invaluable tips for my fellow entertainment PR pros:

1. The Learning Never Stops

As PR professionals, the creativity is never ending! We’re constantly looking for fresh new ways to slice and dice a client to attract new consumers. For an attraction or theme park, it’s especially challenging if there’s nothing newsworthy. I was once given the task to pull a rabbit out of a hat. While it can be a tough ask, I did it by thinking outside the box. It’s rewarding to see your hard work turn into real client results. Remember… all ideas are good ideas.

2. There’s Never A Dull Moment

Working in the PR field, it’s a rollercoaster of unexpected moments (see what I did there). Your email system could shut down or a park crisis could erupt unexpectedly. Weirdly, PR people live for that type of rush and thrive in crisis situations. I’ve learned to never get comfortable at your desk, always be prepared and stay ahead of the problem.

3. Telling A Story

Whether it is a big or small attraction, storytelling is a fundamental part of successful PR because it has a special way of creating a personal connection with guests and target audiences. The best part is that you really get to know the people you are representing and learn more about the company.

4. Media Relations

Shoutout to all our media and influencers! Building strong relationships is important and having media partners by your side can help drive brand awareness as well as increase visibility and credibility. Developing strong media connections has really me helped in time of need for a quick media hit or crisis!

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