Article by Vanessa Evans

We’re all guilty. Agency life is so fast-paced we often forget about branding our own company because we’re working IN our business, not ON our business. It’s the old time “the cobbler’s children have no shoes” metaphor. As agencies, we’re often bogged down trying to produce stellar results for our clients that we forget to practice those same tactics in-house. At PRESS, a typical work day requires our team to juggle multiple clients simultaneously pitching media, scheduling social posts, staying well-informed of recent news and trends along with attending client events, interviews and in-studio media appearances.

We’re all busy, BUT “you better check yo self before you wreck yo self” as Ice Cube would say. Branding is one of the most important tools to help grow your business, besides PR. It not only sets you apart from other agencies, but it leaves a memorable impression on potential clients and employees.


Here are 5 time-saving self care tips for your agency:


1. Treat yourself like another client

Add yourself to your client roster. This makes it nearly impossible to forget to set aside time each day to work on your branding. PRESS makes sure to discuss our agency just like any other client during weekly internal meetings.



2. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Skillfully repurposing social content is a sure-fire way to decrease time spent. Instead of starting from scratch each time, pick a theme to break up multiple shorter pieces of content to schedule throughout the month. Remember you can always repost older content that has become especially relevant. 


3. Multi-task (It’s what we do)

Two birds, one stone. Connecting with potential clients and employees on social media helps you forge community relationships and potential new business while also increasing your engagement and digital presence. Try pressing pause on traditional emails and crank up your social conversations instead.


4. Outsource

Utilize guest bloggers during your busy season while your account managers have their hands full. Collaborating saves time and establishes new connections. You never know where they may lead.


5. Encourage Employee Advocates

Turning employees into champions for your agency will organically increase social engagement and attract attention. The key is making them WANT to post about their work lifestyle so make sure you’ve established a killer company culture. 

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