You love to hate it, but spoiler alert: you’re probably guilty of using it too.

The remote work wave caused by the pandemic forced us to bring the office home with us and (from working in close quarters with significant others, roommates, friends or family) blurred the line between personal and professional life. You may have even had the shocking realization that you were living with a “circle back” person. No matter where you currently call your office, one thing is for sure—you’re probably still hearing cringey corporate lingo that seems to stand the test of time no matter how much we hate it.

“I hope this email finds you well”

You’re sitting in front of a blank message watching that cursor mock you as you contemplate the perfect greeting. Next thing you know, 10 minutes have gone by and it’s back to old faithful. However, being on the receiving end and seeing this at the start of an email probably has you wishing it didn’t find you at all. Let’s be honest, most of us have felt this Kelly Kapoor moment to our core.

Via @therealwavybaby on Twitter

“Ping me”

If you’re anything like me, this saying is the equivalent of the sound that comes with the notorious Microsoft Teams notification. Plus, the argument can be made that there’s no way to know how someone wants to be “pinged.” Is it a text? An email? A Slack message? It’s anyone’s best guess.

“Circle back”

You know this one had to make the list. When you catch yourself telling your friend that you’ll “circle back” when it comes to going out next Friday night, it may be a sign it’s time to bury this one for good.


Are you wondering (a) when this became anything more than a tech term and (b) why it feels like you hear it every five seconds? Us too. Energy and mental capacity is in short supply these days, so think twice the next time you’re approaching someone about a new project with this one—it may be what sends them over the edge.

Via @shannonfiedler13 on TikTok

“In the loop”

From “keeping this person in the loop” to “looping that person in,” this (for some reason) seems to be another favorite. Chances are your boss probably doesn’t want you to loop them in at all.

Via @corporatebish on Instagram


At PRESS, we like to break free from the conformity and inject some of our own lingo into the workplace. From now on, you may even catch us signing our emails off with “Room-temperature Regards.”

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