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To be honest, working with influencers is one of my favorite parts of the job.

As an agency, and more specifically as a PR person, it is in our blood to be pleasers. We love to make people happy. We love when influencers get to experience something new, smile, laugh and enjoy the events we host for them. We love to see our clients through the eyes of an influencer.

Not to mention, influencers are PRESS’ kind of people. We love food, fashion, theatre and all the new-new that’s going down around town. We are a match made in heaven.

There are a few things that I always think are helpful for influencers to know as they work with agencies. Obviously, each agency works differently, but the following seem to be universal truths.


Tell me what you want. What you really, really want.

First and foremost, the partnership between agencies and influencers is a relationship. I talk with people who are sometimes disheartened by working with an influencer and not getting what they had expected in return. My follow up question is always, “Did you tell them what you wanted?”

People seem to get a bit shy when asking for exactly what they want, but this is the communication business and this is a human relationship. When PRESS works with influencers, our goal is to make sure that we have an open and honest relationship. One of the most important things when entering into a partnership is for both parties to feel that they have a voice.

The biggest successes we have had partnering with influencers is when we all connect to brainstorm a unique way to work together. If there is anything we could make sure that influencers knew when working with agencies, it’s that we welcome a collaborative environment. When we all come up with ideas together, I think we create something truly unique to meet everyone’s goals.


Goal Digger

Speaking of goals. We are super goal-oriented. Goals help us stay focused and remember what our clients want us to accomplish.

Even though we love to provide these unique sneak peek opportunities, we have an agenda. We want to provide an authentic and genuine experience for influencers, but also for their audiences. Because, let’s be honest, we want lots of people to learn more about our clients.

Part of that open communication and honesty is for us to all agree on the exact goals we are looking to accomplish. Those goals can be the number of posts, live feeds, use of hashtags or helping to drive website traffic. Deciding on achievable and measurable goals from the very beginning let’s everyone know their responsibilities from the get-go and alleviates miscommunication down the line.


Help Us, Help You

At the end of the day, we answer to our clients and our clients want proof that their investment is providing them a return. Data, statistics, engagement, sales funnels, ROI – all words I thought I was going to be able to avoid as I was going through my college curriculum (all those years ago…). That is most definitely not the case nowadays.

Data is the almighty in our industry. Analytics from influencer accounts to prove the impressions, engagement, viewership and click-throughs that an influencer provides are critical to showcasing the merit and successes of influencer marketing and the effects it can have on a client’s bottom line.

Influencers who provide those detailed analytics are gold to us. We have a hard time proving intangible earned media through public relations and community outreach. Social media and influencer marketing is one of the few places where we can give our clients hard numbers. We, as an agency, understand the value of influencers, but the easier influencers help us educate clients on the value of influencer marketing – the better.

Helping agencies prove value through analytics, make it easier for us to justify the cost of influencer marketing and ensures we can continue working with influencers on client projects.


Dolla Dolla Bills, Y’all

Speaking of cost. Let’s talk about another sometimes uncomfortable conversation – money.

We understand the value of influencers and tirelessly educate clients on their worth. We never want an influencer to feel they’re being taken advantage of for any reason. That’s when open and honest communication about compensation comes into play. We want to have the conversation.

Sometimes our clients don’t have a ton of money. That’s especially the case when working with non-profit organizations so working together to find the right balance of money, trade, experiences, etc. is great, but we know there is a balance. We like to be upfront with the compensation and sometimes the numbers just don’t work. To us, that’s a no harm, no foul situation. Things don’t always work out, but being real about budget keeps the relationship intact.


The Wrap-up

It has become a bit of an unspoken rule (but I guess not anymore now) that we, as an agency, have the responsibility to provide influencers with an authentic, top-notch and special experience. But as most relationships go, it’s a two-way street. Influencers also have a responsibility to help us prove their worth to clients through measurable data.

Whew! Enough numbers talk. We can’t wait to see you all at the next sneak peek, boomerang video optional.


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