Keep it simple.

This is possibly one of the most important phrases when thinking about communication. The simpler, the better. Yet many a client has asked, “How do I keep it simple, yet still convey ALL the info I want them to know?”

Well, that’s simple as well: Talk WITH your target, do not TELL them. There’s a big difference. Consumers want equal footing with brands in communications. They don’t want to be told or sold on what they want. They’re much more savvy. Their guard is quick to go up, and that puts the brakes on anything you’re trying to convey. But, if you give them something inspired/funny/insightful/crazy – any compelling reason to engage with you, they will.

That’s why this teaser outdoor campaign from Twist Creative is so effective. The idea is super-simple in execution; minimal & cryptic in its messaging, and very atypical of billboard advertising. And that’s the beauty. Its simplicity counts on the curiosity of the readers to lead them to the point; they aren’t pulled into it with offers or incentives or taglines or fancy product shots. None of those are needed to elicit a huge amount of positive feedback on their site.

“But they’re not even selling anything.”

Correct, but that’s not the point. The point is that hordes of viewers still made the leap. They fired up their browser, and put that url into the nav bar to find out what this was about. They acted willingly upon being prompted – which is, ultimately, the entire goal of advertising.

As stated earlier, consumers are very discerning. They want to engage in the conversation on their terms, not yours. As Danny Devito’s character, Phil Cooper, said in ‘The Big Kahuna’:

Once you lay your hands on a conversation to steer it, it’s not a conversation anymore; it’s a pitch. And you’re not a human being; you’re a marketing rep.




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