So what’s your story?

Brand-consumer relationships are a lot like dating these days – the more communication the better. Modern consumers crave an authentic, ongoing dialogue with their favorite brands. Today, people buy stories… not products. A company’s story usually encompasses their mission, history and culture… and it’s not the same as implementing an “About Us” tab on your website. Your story should be so ingrained in your business that it permeates itself into all aspects of the company. How is this done you ask? Let’s dive into a few simple strategies to define and communicate your story with your target audience.

What’s your WHY?

Consumers are more curious than ever and demand to know “why” you do exactly what you do so that they can emotionally connect with what you’re selling. Discerning consumers can assess whether a company provides value to their life within seconds. Transparency is key. Like any healthy two-way relationship, being upfront with your mission builds a solid foundation of trust between both parties.

Don’t be a copycat.

In our ever-present social media culture, too many of us look to others for answers. We copy content that’s been well-received and assume it will work for our brand in return. Following the latest trend is dangerous territory. Brands that innovate rather than imitate are likely the most sustainable and valued by consumers. There is no fast and easy trick to engaging your brand’s audience except to dig deep and useful content that consistently circles back to your core values.

Get personal on social.

In 2017, it goes without saying that brands should be active on social media and continue to solidify their unique presence on major platforms. Companies who receive the most engagement tend to give their audience a glimpse of their company culture, behind the scenes on exclusive projects and even profile their employees. This is a great way to humanize your brand and provide a feeling of exclusive access and accessibility to your audience.

Content Marketing

Another great way to tell your story while providing value is through content marketing. Helpful content in the form of company blogs, visual campaigns and social posts is becoming increasingly important to consumers. According to a study from One Spot Marketing, “86% reported that if a brand does a good job of providing personally relevant content, it makes them more interested in that brand’s products and services.”


Whether you’re courting a client or a significant other, all these tips are applicable. Communicate your intentions clearly, be vulnerable, practice authenticity and be receptive to the needs of others. Consumers are consistently gravitating toward transparency and if your story resonates, there is no limit to how far your business tale can spread.

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