Article by Delaney Chrisco

No, the office is not in a jungle, and no, they do not work with animals… but you could say they work like them! Not to mention you walk through a mini “jungle” to get to the office…how fitting!

Everyone at PRESS is so driven and dedicated to accomplishing their PR goals, which is why I simply say they work like animals. Every person gets their to-do list checked off as fast as a cheetah can run. They lend helping hands to each other as a family of gorillas would, and they are never afraid to take guidance from another PR pro to broaden their knowledge like baby elephants following their parents.

Everyone is involved in the process, whether it be team meetings to brainstorm client ideas or sharing social media posts that they took at events. Words could not even describe how exciting it is to dive into the world of public relations and see how PRESS handles an array of clients.

Did You Hear About…?

One of the first things I gathered from PRESS was that when they say, “Our doors are always open!” their doors are literally always open and ready for a conversation. Whether you’re in the common area to chat about the latest trends, walking around the office to stretch your legs, or just running over to the cafeteria for a quick bite, someone will always be there to ask what you are up to or if you want to tag along.

Being from the North, I one-hundred percent needed that office friend because I knew slim about Downtown Tampa. I made the drive from Saint Leo some days or weekends during the school year, but really only to basic places, so the employees at PRESS gave me the run-down on all their favorite spots that I just had to try before my internship ended. The conversation in the office is so (sooo) easy to have with anyone because everyone wants to catch up on the latest news or talk about if the newest restaurant that opened up is any good.

The sense of belonging everyone gives is something I will definitely miss when I wrap up my internship this summer.

Yes Man!

If another thing is for sure, everyone in the office has great intuition , and they know how to jump on an opportunity before it is ever given. Participating in the behind-the-scenes work for clients was something that has always interested me because I like to understand how tasks are executed. Within the first week of being an intern, I got to better understand how media interacts with clients and literally climb trees for ABC Taste & See – one exciting opportunity I’m happy to have been given.

Putting aside time in the work schedule to attend pop-up events for the clients I am assisting with is one thing but volunteering free time to help with other events is fun and needed too! Going the extra mile builds networking opportunities for the future and broadens your agency experience.

Everyone, repeat after me… “Yes, yes, YES!”

Takeaway: You won’t regret saying yes to anything you have the opportunity to partake in while at PRESS, or in general.

Same Same, But Different

Ever heard of the term, “Work smarter not harder”? Well, here at PRESS everyone has a different way of doing things, but they all are still efficient.

I have to stress that when having an internship, a real job, or even just playing sports, how important it is to be able to effectively communicate with others. Otherwise, nothing will get done. In PR, if the client does not express to PRESS exactly what he or she desires, then the process takes longer and there runs a risk of misinterpretation.

PRESS combats this with direct and open communication with their clients.

The PRESS team understands each other’s work flows and how the media needs to convey the message, (or how they might convey it) so they edit the process beforehand.

Not only is it important to communicate effectively to clients and media, but also within your own team so it all runs smoothly. For example, Krystin and Vanessa prefer that their dates are written out differently and their columns be formatted in different orders when working in excel. If I did not ask them directly how they want assignments performed would have created more work for myself in the end.

Sure, all the women (and man… you’re awesome Kit!) in the office report to their clients with the same branding colors, fonts, styles, etc., however, it is still okay to be different throughout the process as long as the results are to perfection!

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